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Business Services &
CP&T Accounts

Coastal Postal & Toys offers your company an array of
business services. From shipping and printing to copying and faxing, Coastal Postal & Toys is your one stop for all your
business needs. You can even open a business account with CP&T to make your transactions seamless and timely.

Here are just a few of the many services that Coastal Postal offers:

  • Printing & Faxing
  • Copying & Laminating
  • International & Domestic shipping with DHL, USPS and FedEx
  • Courier Services
  • Notary of the Public
  • Mailbox Rentals

As a business client you can take advantage of our special savings at Coastal Postal & Toys. It’s easy to open an
account – all we need is your business address, email, phone number and credit card information to keep on file. It takes just a few moments. Here are just a few of the great

  • We track your spending and give you a discount for your repeat business.
  • After you spend $500 you can save up to 20% off shipping and store
    purchases thereafter. (excludes design & select other services)
  • Because we ship such a large volume out of Coastal Postal & Toys, we
    receive savings from the shipping companies… we pass that savings onto you!
  • Shipping companies require that you pay within seven days of your
    shipment…our accounts are billed on a 30-day cycle. Save your cash flow and avoid the inconvenience.

Be productive! Let Coastal Postal & Toys help you with your overflow. From secretarial services to design, we can fill in wherever you need a helping hand.

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