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Coastal Postal & Toys is a locally owned and operated
business that has been serving the Solana Beach and
surrounding communities for over twelve years. After
relocating to the Boardwalk Plaza, CP&T was able to expand and add even more wonderful toys and services, providing our customers with a fun and completely unique experience. It is one of the only places you can go to purchase a gift, have it gift wrapped, packaged and shipped all in one time-saving trip!

Shipping Services Courier & Hotel Pickup Fingerprinting Services Business Services & CP&T Accounts Design Services Mailbox Rentals

  • Mailbox Rental Service is another handy service CP&T
    offers, providing you with a physical street address and a safe, secure box where your mail is stored until it is
    convenient for you to swing in and pick it up.
  • Need fingerprinting for certification or for a new job? Coastal Postal provides fast and accurate Live Scan
    fingerprinting for your convenience.
  • You can help the community keep business local by opening a charge account that enables you to have all of your copy, fax, printing and shipping needs met – with no
    hassles or lines. Simply set up your charge account and we will do the rest!
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